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We are starting to break the 4th wall this web page serves as a purpose to educate and give all the tools for you to be in the know. Forget sc-s, sbcodez and their double standards we aim to be bigger and better than those web sites and we are here to stay. Sick of chat rooms with PG status to an  audience that is generally above the age of maturity try our chat room as it does not prohibit your freedom of speech. 
Forget the silly rules about only talking money. If you are too busy talking about making money truth is your not making it. We say at the end of the day you are the Boss not this web page you choose what to do and know it is your right to do so. We will continue to give you better information than any other web page on the Internet and are dedicated to changing the way you look at doing paid to on line forever. To provide healthy competition in the practice for others to try harder.
"We don't pretend to be something we are not and this is the difference with CodeSpoilers"

on the 4th of April 2015


Codes, timer, calendar, live streams, information, calendar, twitter widgets and more

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GitHulk.com Diamond (Highest level) - Offer wall Perosan.ly: Gold
PrizeRebel.com Silver - Offer wall Perosan.ly: Gold
Get-Paid.com Level 7 Stone status - Offer wall Perosan.ly: Gold
RewardCentral.com.au Enthusiast (500 to 600 Exp.)
PaidpointView.com Trait score 1,000 top 10% of PV members
PinchMe.com.au Level 3 Super sampler club (10,000 to 20,000 Points)
eBay.com.au Seller Torquise star (100 Positives)

We do not approve of cheat web sites or use of proxies, please be aware of websites which warns you of being banned from your favourite website.

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