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*Please no posting of iSpy answers, bing answers or qmee answers as comment will be deleted. any other codes are fine.

1. GENERAL POLICY: No pissing off people if you upset some one for no good reason you will be warned and maybe banned.

2. CODES: Please only post codes for GiftHulk Fountain of youth user codes and user made InstaGC codes here. No posting of iSpy codes for SwagBucks in chat room please refer to SwagBucks rules here (It is better for you to use SwagBucks search to find answer's for iSpy and maybe win some SB for doing so) Please be aware of cheat web sites such as sc-s which will warn you of being banned from the web sites you use  a clear indication they are not doing the right thing.

3. OFFERS: You may share offers that credit providing you give name of website, offer wall and name of offer to help fellow users please no screenshots and no lack of information provided as this does not help anyone (providing link to offer may give your tracking code and is not suggested as honest people will use this link and may affect you and the user you want to help).

4. RESPECT: If you do not talk much don't feel the need to be objective towards a person's thoughts, opinions or points of view everyone has the right to freedom of speech. Everyone makes mistakes and treating people as if they should be perfect will not be tolerated.

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*Page updated on 24th of September 2017

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