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1. GENERAL POLICY: Please be respectable to all users will be warned and may be banned.

2. CODES: When posting your user generated instagGC codes please make sure they are yours to share. No posting of iSpy codes for SwagBucks in chat room.
 3. OFFERS: You may share offers that credit providing you give name of website, offer wall and name of offer to help fellow users please no screenshots and no lack of information provided as this does not help anyone (providing link to offer may give your tracking code and is not suggested as honest people will use this link and may affect you and the user you want to help).

4. RESPECT: If you do not talk much don't feel the need to be objective towards a person's thoughts, opinions or points of view everyone has the right to freedom of speech. Everyone makes mistakes and treating people as if they should be perfect will not be tolerated.

The boxcodes supported by Cbox are:

  • [color=#ff0000]hex colour[/color] or [color=forestgreen]named colour[/color]
  • [color=#f00,#ff0]foreground and background[/color]
  • [b]bold text[/b]
  • [u]underlined text[/u]
  • [i]italicized text[/i]
  • [s]struck-out text[/s]
  • [q]quoted text[/q]
  • [sub]subscript[/sub]
  • [sup]superscript[/sup]
  • [center]centered text[/center]
  • [br]
    (line break)
  • [big]larger font[/big]
  • [small]smaller font[/small]
  • [class=custom]custom-styled text[/custom]
  • [code]fixed-width text[/code]
  • [url=]link text[/url] or [url][/url]
  • [img=]image title[/img] or [img][/img]

Combining boxcode

Besides using boxcode in Custom filtering replacement text, you can also match boxcodes in filter rules. See more.

It's possible to combine boxcode by nesting it, with some caveats:

  1. Tags must be nested in the correct order: [b][u]bold underline[/u][/b] is valid but [b][u]broken[/b][/u] is not.
  2. The same tag cannot be nested. For example, [class=one][class=two]some text[/class][/class] will not work. To get the intended behaviour in this case, you could have a combined class instead: [class=onetwo]some text[/class].
  3. The no-attribute form of [url] (e.g. without link text), and both forms of the [img] tag, must be the innermost element in any nested sequence. 

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