SwagBucks Encrave

Encraves are videos you can watch or pages you can visit to earn SwagBucks. There are several that are auto run and you can tell them by the icon in the lower left corner of the encrave.

Once you click on the video it will open in a new window. In order for it to run in auto mode you will need to check the box in the discovery mode.

There are special instructions for this one. When the video starts it is like a news wrap up. And when you have watch for a few seconds you will see a arrow and next slide pop up in the box like this.

All you need to do is click that arrow every time it shows up to go to the next article. After 5 pages you will see this.

Now this encrave will run automatically until the end of the video. You can do other things while this is running but you will need to keep your mouse on the page so that it will continue to run. This encrave will take about 12 minutes to run and will earn you 4 swagbucks.

Click on like it every time and move forward. You will know when you are on the very last article as this will totally disappear from the page, and this will pop up.

This encrave will take approximately 9 minutes give or take to run.

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*Page updated on 06th of September 2016

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